THF Customs

This project is dedicated to those that would like to have a custom set of shorts made for their perspective Team and/or Unit that’s operating at a professional capacity; For example: Military (Platoons, Teams, Units), LEO Units and Sports Teams.

We are running the minimums of 30pair per pattern and lead times on these will be 4-5 weeks from the date the order is placed.  It will obviously take a bit of communication to get the concept dialed in, so take that into account if you're attempting at hitting a particular deadline.  There are ZERO extras made of these and I don't stay with anything outside of the order placed.  Yup, you got it; very exotic shit that won't be found ANYWHERE else.  The p
rice is $45/pair and includes both embroidery and sublimation of logos.  We prefer to embroider everything, but there are some color ways and also logos that might cause some drama.  Regardless, that will be communicated to you throughout the process.  

** Available patterns is just about anything we've ever offered to include solids.  The only ones that are off limits are out collaboration short designs.  Please include your pattern selection in the message box below.