THF Custom Info

THF Customs was inspired by my experience in always wanting personalized gear for work/unit shit.  Now it's time to pay it forward.

Currently at a point where I'm able to get dudes setup between production on small unit orders and doesn't hold either side back from completion.  There are a few requirements that need to be met in order to keep a steady flow.

The first round was a shit show due to the volume of dudes that requested combined with them not being ready with what was needed off the bat.  This turned to correspondence delays that threw the order of submissions off and honestly a headache.  For the next go you will find the requirements and also details and FAQ listed below:

  • Min. order 30pcs (possibly less will be allowed)
  • 4-6 Week Turnaround from invoice payment date
  • $45/pair regardless of amount made
  • THF Customs ARE NOT for re-sale within a community.
  • Zero extras are made outside of initial order
  • Professional Unit/Team orders ONLY.
  • Vectorized image in .pdf or .ai file extension of unit needed
  • Orders WILL NOT BE PLACED until invoice is paid
  • We DO NOT do graphic design work to fix/create team logos
  • Collaboration patterns are not available for use
  • I will not make a custom pattern outside of what we already have for them

I'm hoping this will answer questions and have guys better prepared when THF Customs is re-opened.  A newsletter will be sent along with an IG post as to when they'll be available; the first 20 will be set and it will be monitored.  After 20, the link will be removed to keep from overloading the list and if everything goes as stated with dudes having their shit lined up it'll streamline the process which will allow for many more customs to be made in a timely manner.

Contact Email: