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Diver - Retro Tigré

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The Diver is a purpose built swim trunk made of a poly-blend material that have all the extras we feel would be needed to either train in and/or be solid for vacationing on a beach.  This model of short has a 5.5” inseam and grades with size.

We've shortened the inseam a bit compared to our Training Shorts and also added a drain hole in each of the pockets for minimal water retention and quick draining capabilities when you're in/out of the water.

Pockets are always important because no one likes carrying keys, phone and wallet in your hand while you're hitting a local pizza joint while beachside.  The last key NEED for these was the crotch material which we left in there because when you aren't in the water you want to be as fresh as possible to avoid that swamp feel.

Sizing is a bit more loose compared to the Athletic Shorts, but not by much, due to a different waistband design that doesn't have elastic.